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Hundreds and thousands of childhood memories
One of our favourite memories: During the Summer holidays, leaving the house at eight in the morning with my brothers packed with jam...

Hundreds and thousands of childhood memories
One of our favourite memories: Going shoping every saturday morning with my mam to the market in newcastle getting a bag of winkles...

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“Picking blackberries in the woods and then baking apple and blackberry tart with my gran and sister. We'd eat it when it was just out of the oven with ice-cream-yummy!”

Robert Solicitor, Family Law

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and together we can make childhood better in the UK
Did you know that the wellbeing of children in the UK is worse than in any other developed country, according to recent UNICEF research? Something needs to be done.

Which is why The Children's Society once launched The Good Childhood Inquiry, the UK’s first independent inquiry into what makes a good childhood today.

And you can help us. We want to learn about your best childhood experiences so that children today can benefit from them.
Your memory will add to our inquiry, which will help everyone - from politicians to the general public - understand what we can all do to make life better for all children.

Once you’ve provided your story, we’d like to keep you informed. We will show you how your memory is being used and tell you about the inquiry's progress.

Together we can make childhood better in the UK.

The Children's Society History
Founded in 1881, The Children's Society is a leading UK charity, driven by the belief that every child deserves a good childhood. We provide vital help and understanding for children who face danger, discrimination or disadvantage in their daily lives; children who are unable to find the support they need anywhere else.

Our national network of projects helps thousands of children and their families each year. Visit to find out more about us.

The Good Childhood Inquiry
The Good Childhood Inquiry was launched in September 2006. So far, 20,000 children and adults have contributed their views, which are being considered by a panel of eminent professionals and experts. The panel will identify the most important issues facing children and young people today.

They will then make recommendations to improve the way childhood is experienced for all children in the UK. Find out more about the Good Childhood Inquiry.

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